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Mionix is a Swedish company known among gaming enthusiasts for its high quality and ergonomics peripherals.
The company has recently decided to expand the color range of its best-selling gaming mouse, the Mionix CASTOR. The new colors available are as follows:
I bought and tested the classic black version.

The package

The packaging has a minimal and sought-after design. The attention to detail and the materials used give the product a sense of “exclusivity.”

Design and Ergonomics

The Castor has a rubberised black surface that returns an exceptional grip.
On the left side we find a great textured thumb support which makes lefting the mouse super easy without loosing the grip.
The form of the Castor is incredible, despite being smaller than the Naos, the shape of the right side provides a comfortable support for the ring and pinkie fingers.
This allows the mouse to be suitable for any types of grip. It’s good for PALM GRIP, CLAW GRIP and FINGERTIP GRIP.
The care that Mionix put in shaping the contours, results in the most comfortable gaming mouse for right-handed users.


The Castor weighs 141.5g, including the high quality braided 2 meter cable, with dimensions of 122.46 x 70.42 x 40.16mm.
The functions are handled by a 32bit ARM processor and 128 kb of onboard memory to store settings and macros.
As for the layout of the buttons, we find a single DPI switches behind the scroll wheel that cycle between 3 settings but, unfortunately, without any visual indicator. The scrool wheel is great with distincts scroll steps. On the left it has two buttons with satisfing clicks.
The Castor has not only a great ergonomics, but also a superb tracking! The bottom is where the magic happens… We find a PixArt optical sensor, the PWM-3310 IR-LED that can be adjusted from 50 to 10.000 dpi. In addition to the raw numbers, it shines to be completely acceleration free.


The Castor provides a fantastic gaming experience. It’s super reactive and very accurate. Absolutely ideal for first person shooter. The ability to adjust the resolution from 50 to 10,000 dpi allows you to adapt the mouse to your gaming style. The Castor makes each gaming session more fun and easier.
But we’re not just talking about a great gaming mouse, but a good productivity tool. The “Macro” tool, available in Mionix software, is simple and fast: it takes just a few seconds to assign a key combination.


The software is simple to navigate and allows you to quickly set your mouse up however you want. In the first screen, you can remap all 6 buttons, select the polling rate, double click speed, scroll speed and pointer acceleration.
Under “sensor performance” you have 3 dpi steps that you can sets as you prefer, pointer speed and you can set the lift distance to match your gaming style. On the bottom the surface quality analyzer tool gives you the quality of your gaming surface.
Under color settings you can control the two led zone of the Aurora lighting system. You can choose a solid color, a blinking effect, a pulsating effect or a breating effect.
Lastly we have the Macro settings and the Support tab. 


The Castor is listed at $ 69.00, a price in line with the product quality. In any case, it’s possible to purchase it on Amazon at a lower price.
We are facing a premium product with high-end features, great performance and unique ergonomics. The FrankyLabs Golden Award is fully deserved!
FrankyLabs Golden Award
Design & Build Quality9.5
Value for money8
Excellent ergonomics
Fantastic sensor
Onboard memory
Complete and intuitive software
No dpi indicator


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