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EasySMX is a company specialized in gaming peripherals and gaming accessories based in Shenzen. The mission of EasySMX is to provide quality products at an affordable price for all gamers.

Its range of gaming headsets is known to have a great value for money. I had the chance to test the EasySMX ESM939P gaming headset.


The headset comes in a cardboard box with eye-catching graphics that highlights the product features and compatibility with PC, MAC, PS4, and mobile devices.

Inside the package we find:

  • Headphones
  • Microphone
  • 3.5mm Splitter Cable
  • User Manual

Design & Build Quality

The EasySMX headset has a simple and clean design. The use of cheap plastics is well masked by the excellent rubberized finish, very pleasing to the touch. The headband pads and earpads made in microfiber are soft but too thin so, during a long gaming session, you will feel too much pressure on the ears.

Very convenient is the ability to remove the microphone when not needed, a feature often available only on much more expensive headphones. A small weak point is the cable, only 1 meter long and not removable. Finally, the in-line controller is functional and has a volume control wheel and a switch to turn the microphone on and off.

Sound Quality

The sound is amazing for the price range. Up to a medium-high volume there is no distortion, the sound is clean and has a decent resolution. A classic V-shaped sound signature has been implemented to allow for a better in-game experience. However, the EasySMX headset is also good for movies and music, excluding rock and jazz (where it shows obvious limits). Finally, the sound insulation is good.

Microphone Performance

The articulated microphone has a decent quality, enough to be useful in in-game chat. The voice is quite clear with a good isolation from background noise.


Available on Amazon.com for $32.99 and Amazon.co.uk for £13.55, the EasySMX headset has a great value for money. The decent sound quality, despite some comfort limits, makes it a good solution for casual budget-packed gamers.

Design & Build Quality6.5
Sound Quality7
Microphone Quality6.5
Value for money8
Rubberized finish
Sound quality
Cable length


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