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The Combaterwing CW80 is a mouse made in China available with different brands and targeted to gamers. I had the chance to test the black version imported by EasySMX.

The Package

The packaging has a minimal and essential design. At the back we find a diagram that shows the main components of the mouse.
Within the box we find:
  • Mouse
  • User Manual
  • Software mini disk

Design & Build Quality

The Combaterwing has a design that is far from sober. Under the rubberized black surface, pleasing to the touch, there are chrome and gold plated cheap plastics which, along with red glossy buttons, give a ‘showy’ look to the peripheral. The bottom plate is made of metal and has three teflon inserts that ensure good smoothness.

The shape of the Combaterwing is clearly modeled for right-handed users. On the left side we find a very pronunced and comfortable thumb support. Unfortunately, we can not say the same thing for the right side, completely vertical and without any support for ring and pinky fingers. Also, on both sides, there are two allen screws that ‘would’ serve to adjust the width of the mouse to fit the player’s hand. I used ‘would’ because, in practice, the adjustement of a few millimeters is totally inadequate. All in all, ergonomics are good for this price range.

Combaterwing CW80 Review


The Combaterwing weighs 153g, including the good coated 1.5m cable, with dimensions of 130 x 78 x 30mm. It features 9 fully programmable buttons and one switch at the bottom (next to the sensor), to turn on and off the lighting.

The following diagram shows the keys layout.

combaterwing keys layout

Under the two main buttons we find OMRON micro switches with a 10 million clicks lifetime. The DPI switch behind the scroll wheel allows you to select 4 different steps indicated by 4 different LED colors. The scroll wheel is good with distincts scroll steps but looks a little fragile. A negative note regarding the two red buttons beside the DPI Switch, they are quite uncomfortable to reach. The Optical LED sensor is a great Avago 3050 that can be adjusted from 250 to 4800 dpi.


The in-game experience is good. The main buttons return a satisfying click while the Avago sensor guarantees excellent tracking on different surfaces. Reactivity and precision are also good. The only doubt is about the duration. Some materials used, in fact, do not seem to provide a great resistance over time; as well as secondary button switches appear to be significantly lower than OMRON micro.


Software is difficult (if not impossible) to find online. I had to use the mini-disk included in the package. Anyway, it works perfectly on Windows 10.

The UI is far from modern but still easy to navigate. On the first screen we can choose one of the two preset profiles for the buttons (or change the function of the single key), select the “Report Rate”, the 4 DPI steps (and its color) and choose the effect of the lighting system. Instead, in the second and last screen, we can adjust the speed of: pointer, scroll and double click. Finally, on the right side, we find the Macro table.


Listed at $25.00, the Combaterwing has a good value for money, especially when compared to entry-level solutions of more famous (and, of course, more expensive) brands. I can recommend the purchase to casual gamers who love a flashy design and don’t want to break their bank.

Design & Build Quality6
Value for money7.5
Unique design...
Avago sensor
OMRON switches
...but too flashy!
Cheap plastics


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